At Bells, we only work with accredited and predominantly Australian suppliers. Please have a look at some of our preferred suppliers and their main products below. We will of course advise you on the best and most cost effective solution for your specific situation and help explain the products and their benefits to you. Our business is to look after you.


fletcher Fletcher Insulation: Fletcher Insulation is Australia’s leading insulation company supplying our favorite brands of insulation. These include Pink Batts® insulation, Sisalation® foil and Permastop® building blanket – to name but a few.> Visit the Fletcher Insulation website
 foilboard-logo Foilboard Australia: Foilboard® Insulation Panel, a registered design and trademark owned by Foilboard Australia Pty Ltd, is a rigid sheet manufactured from fire retardant expanded polystyrene with pure aluminium foil directly laminated to both sides.> Visit the Foilboard Australia website
martini Martini Industries: Martini Industries is an innovative Australian manufacturer driven by a passion for their business, the products they develop and the markets and customers they serve. Martini manufactures and markets a range of premium fibre-based products for a variety of applications.> Visit the CSR Martini website
 acoustica-logo Acoustica: Acoustica® is a 100% Australian owned company engaged in research, development, manufacture, sale, export and licensing of leading technology sound control and abatement systems.> Visit the Acoustica website
edmonds-logo Edmonds: Edmonds is the world leader in wind and hybrid powered rotary ventilators. Based in Sydney, Australia, Edmonds is part of the Bradford Insulation Group, a division of CSR Ltd, one of Australia’s oldest public companies.> Visit the Edmonds website
 logo_Bradford CSR Bradford Insulation: Bradford Insulation, a CSR company, is a leading manufacturer of premium energy saving insulation products.> Visit the CSR Bradford website