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Domestic Roof Ventilation.

We are closely aligned with CSR Edmonds who have been manufacturing Vents in Australia for over 60 years.

As a Contractor, installing vents, we only use high quality products that don’t break down after a couple of years. Edmonds Supavent has twin Stainless Steel Precision Bearings and comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty for up to 15 years. It comes in a range of colours that will blend in with most  situations.

Although it might look smaller  than the Sunday Paper Advert unit, the vertical vane design actually allows for greater volumes of air to be moved. The 250mm throat size is designed to allow easy fit to a tile roof by simply removing 1 tile. Depending on the roof construction, under eave vents may also be required to allow fresh air in to replace that drawn out higher up on the roof.

Edmonds also manufacture  more powerful, powered units such as Maestro and Airomatic that could be a solution where more aggressive ventilation is required.


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