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Commercial & Industrial Roof Ventilation.

Larger sheds, factories and Commercial buildings will often experience heat build-ups that can be uncomfortable for occupants and can even be hazardous to work performance , when there is insufficient Ventilation.

We have been Installing CSR Edmonds range of Hurricane Turbine Ventilators for over 20 years.

The process involves a site inspection to better understand the problem and then we calculate the volume of the building and match it to the capacity of an Industrial vent that will allow us to minimise the number of vents and resulting roof penetrations. Typically 1 Hurricane 600 might be the equivalent of 8 ‘Whirlybirds’, which results in a far more effective solution.

Many units are installed in a mill finish although we can also have them powdercoated to any colour selection.

A Manufacturer’s Warranty is available fo 15 years.


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