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Internal Walls Insulation

Thermal insulation of internal walls

For energy efficiency and comfort it is not always necessary to insulate the  internal walls of a structure. Essentially the building envelope (the physical barrier between the interior and exterior environment of a building) serves as the main barrier to the outside temperature and allows you to maintain a conditioned living space. Other trafficable rooms would not really benefit as regular opening of doors and general traffic would tend to merge average inside temperatures. That said, we are seeing more and more plans with internal wall insulation specified which I think is taking the opportunity to maximise thermal efficiency at the construction stage as well as getting an acoustic benefit by creating more substantial, less hollow sounding walls…..far simpler and cost effective during construction rather than trying to retro-fit later.

An exception might be an  isolated room that requires a more constant temperature, for example a wine cellar or an archive room storing records etc.

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Acoustic insulation

There is an increasing awareness of improved acoustic performance within a structure and there is a lot to be gained by considering acoustic insulation between rooms as well as using acoustically orientated plasterboards. We have several options, to provide the required noise reduction for your specific project. Whether this is keeping the sounds from home entertainment systems and spa pools away from your intended study, or keeping unwanted noises from toilets, bathrooms and laundries from your living environment. Parti-wall construction between villas and apartments often have very specific specifications.

It is important to note that Insulation as such is not the sole answer to containing sound.  Far more important is the way the wall or ceiling is built. The Plasterboard Companies produce detailed systems that cover all sorts of situations and they have calculations clearly showing exactly what sort of noise reduction is possible.  We are well versed in dealing with all these specifications and will ensure your project achieves the required acoustic performance.

‘Rockwool’ has been the benchmark for performance in walls  for years although they have ceased manufacturing it in Australia recently. The equivalent product now is a 32kg/m3 Glasswool  which is ideal for walls , Pink Sonobatts Premium.

From a practical point of view , we prefer to use a mid-density Acoustitherm around Bathrooms, Toilets and Laundries as it is a little more forgiving as you try and work around pipes etc.

Wavebar, loaded vinyls and baffle batts can also be fitted to particularly noise sensitive areas between offices and meeting rooms. For other commercial purposes, we also offer a range of acoustic insulation materials that significantly reduce noise. Depending on the specifics of your project, we can advise on the best materials that offer the required insulation and perfectly complement the construction of your building.

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