Other Services

Not all of our work is dwelling construction and our vast range of products and materials can end up in all sorts of applications. Below are a few examples.

  • Retrofitting Ceilink 900 T and G insulated ceiling panels to “QLD”/ patio rooms to stop condensation and mould. It also reduces heat transfer.
  • Fabricate acoustic absorption panels from high density glasswool or polyester to improve echo in hallways, classrooms and noisy areas.
  • Lifting the existing roof on a large factory, installing Permastop roofing blanket and re-fixing the sheeting. Also installing Hurricane ventilators to eliminate condensation problems underneath.
  • Supplying perforated foil-faced high density glasswool to line interiors of acoustic suppression structures over compressors, air conditioning plants and generator rooms.
  • Retrofitting Permastop foil-faced blankets to the inside of control rooms exposed to very high temperatures in a steel processing plant.
  • Designing, fabricating and installing high density acoustic baffles to a noisy or clangy contemporary restaurant. Allowing patrons to hear themselves think!
  • Vacuum cleaning ceilings for dust, birds nests and other spoil and rubble.
  • Fitting high density glasswool sheets with perforated foil-facings for acoustic solutions.