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Rockwool is made from spun fibres of volcanic rocks and can use blast furnace slag, and other mineral waste to form insulation batts, sheets and blankets of known thermal and acoustic performance.

Granulated Rockwool is also available for cavity wall situations and other loose fill situations. Up to 15&37; of it’s content has been recycled from landfill.

Rockwool is considerably denser than Glasswool insulation and has a reputation of being a Premium product with excellent Acoustic benefits as well as capacity to handle very high temperatures. For many years, Rockwool has been the benchmark for the building industry.

CSR Badford are the only Australian manufacturer and their product is readily available across the country.

Fire Rating

Rockwool achieves the best possible fire rating when tested to the Australian Standard 1530.

0 – Ignitability
0 – Spread of Flame
0 – Smoke Evolved
0 – Heat Evolved.

Specific formulations provide low shrinkage material which is used extensively in fire-proofing situations.

Important Information

Rockwool mineral fibre insulation is now manufactured using the latest FBS-1 bio-soluble formulation and has been assessed as non-hazardous under the National Occupational Health & Safety Comission’s guidelines.

Rockwool Products

Product Description
Rockwool Building Grade Granulated This product comes in 12.5kg bags to be used as loose fill for ceilings and walls. Rockwool’s special formulation makes it unique in wall cavities where it will not pull outside moisture content through a wall structure.
Rockwool Soundscreen A range of acoustically optimised products for internal and external walls as well as between floors. Can be used to create a private bedroom/ retreat, a peaceful study, contained home theatre rooms, quieter bathrooms and toilets, less disturbance from teenage rooms, workshops, etc.
Rockwool FireSeal An extended range of products to provide fire safety improvements in homes and units. Fireseal insulation can retard the spread of flames for up to 30 minutes turning high risk fire areas in your home into “Safe Zones” that protect your family and your most valuable assets.
Use FireSeal in walls and ceilings around areas where the risk of fire starting is higher due to increased use of appliances or electricity such as kitchen and laundry areas.
In high bushfire risk areas FireSeal is ideal to help block embers from entering the roof structure around eaves, valleys and ridging. FireSeal Party Wall Batts are used on top of common walls in units to prevent fire spreading to a neighbouring unit. FireSeal loose, (low shrinkage), can be packed into awkward void areas to retard the spread of fire. FireSeal Curtain Wall Batts are used as between floor fire barriers in commercial high rise buildings.
Rockwool Acoustic Baffle Rockwool Acoustic Baffles consist of a rigid Rockwool batt enclosed in a strong plastic film. This is ideal to improve acoustics in commercial buildings to absorb airborne noise, especially in stadium and factory environments.
Rockwool Ductliner Available with a range of facings to suit the acoustic requirements of commercial air conditioning. It is also commonly used as an internal lining to acoustically treat plant rooms, acoustic enclosures and silencers.
Rockwool Fibretex -350,450,650,820,&HD A range of industrial products with service temperatures ranging from 350 degrees C to 820 degrees C.
Rockwool Pipe Insulation A complete range of Sectional Pipe Insulation with a service temperature of 650 degrees C.


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