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Glasswool batts and blankets are made from at least 80% recycled glass. The glass is melted at high temperatures and the resulting fibre is blown out onto a process line where varying thickness and density are controlled to make insulation of a known thermal resistance.

This process traps lots of air pockets and the resulting insulation batt or blanket offers excellent resistance to heat transfer. Glasswool batts are by far the most popular material for wall & ceiling insulation being both cost effective and readily available. You may know them as Pink Batts, Insulco Fatt Batts or Bradford Gold Batts however Choice magazine refers to them as all the same insulation material type, they just have different manufacturers.

Fire rating

Glasswool achieves the best possible fire rating when tested to the Australian Standard 1530

0 – Ignitability Index
0 – Spread of Flame Index
0 – Smoke Evolved Index
0 – Heat Evolved Index

This is why Glasswool does not burn and in fact actually hinders the spread of flame.

Allergy Rating

Fletcher Insulation’s Range of Glasswool, Pink Batts, are endorsed by The Allergy Research Foundation for minimal volatile organic compounds and dust emission in normal use. This makes Pink Batts an ideal option for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Important Information

Glasswool research over the last 15 years has found no evidence of increased risk of lung cancer or mesothelioma from occupational exposure and it is no longer listed as a possible carcinogen.

All Australian made Glasswool is now manufactured using the latest FBS-1 bio-soluble formulation and has been assessed as non-hazardous under the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission’s guidelines.

You may recognise glasswool insulation by one of the following brand names. Don’t let the different names confuse you – if you see the trade or brand name you are looking for and give us a call we can help you from there.

Manufacturer Product Name
CSR Bradford Bradford Gold Batts
Building Blanket
Attenucheck Partition Batts
Absorbtion Blanket
Ceiling Panel Overlays
Multitel 18kg/m3
Ductwrap 20kg/m3
Flexitel 24kg/m3
Supertel 32kg/m3
Ultratel 48kg/m3
Thermatel 44kg/m3
Quietel 130kg/m3
Pipe Insulation
Fletcher Pink Insulation Pink Batts
Noise Control Batts
LEI Semi Rigid
Noise Stop Board
Heatlock Pipe Insulation


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